What is your Method of Inserting Keywords while You Type Articles?

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    As a professional writer I tend to type fast, as my words usually come quickly, since I do my research beforehand.

    Obviously that cant apply in affiliate marketing since I cant memorize all the keywords in my excel sheet.

    What is your method of inserting keywords without losing your “flow” while you type?


    I pick the top 4-5 keywords for the highest density and use those in my normal writing flow. Then, I go back through the article and see if I can tweak phrases with specific keywords…. So my final edit also adds more keywords.


    There’s tools that spoon feed you exactly what to say and do to type onto the document.
    SurferSEO is the tool we use for this – we get featured snippit this way


    2010 called and wants their SEO tactics back.


    Write first. Then optimize.


    I use them were they make sense. Don’t need more than a couple per article. Should be natural and have no issues.


    My way of using keywords while writing is extremely simple.

    All I do is write 1 main keywords and two secondary keywords anywhere like notepad or Ms word. Apart from this I also make sure that I have used Google auto suggest as well as LSI keywords while writing.

    This makes my job even easier as I mixed up natural keywords and my main keyword. At the meantime LSI keywords, long tail keywords also comes very handy.

    You can also use “People also ask” section where you will se multiple questions. You can use those questions in your content and answer them as well to make your content unique and valuable.


    Don’t think about keywords at first, just stay focused on writing awesome content! Then when you review/sub edit your copy, replace phrases and words with you target keywords and related keywords so they sound natural.


    Write naturally about the topic and don’t really think about the keyword beyond using it in your page title, h1 & url


    Write the article which is relevant to your subject and which is helpful for the audience, know the intent of the audience what they are looking for in your article, make research, and then proceed to insert keywords in it. Take the keywords from Google search engine page, Wikipedia, and Google keyword planner and the sources where you have an idea.


    Yup. That plus .01 c per word equals easy rankings on tap. We scaled writing.


    Check out https://www.frenchtouchseo.com where you’ll find the most advanced Semantic SEO Tools.

    Still, I’ll give you an awesome trick because I didn’t have any tools when I put together my Semantic SEO strategy.

    Play the mystery word game.

    SEO version 2010 will tell you to put the keyword a bunch of times in your text.
    What about writing a text where you make it obvious to guess what the topic/keywords are?

    Remove them and read the text to check if you can play the mystery word game.

    Also remember, Google is dumb. An ant has a bigger brain.
    Stay clear and simple.


    I take low competition keywords from google keyword planner and then use these keywords in my website and then use these keywords also in my articles and do anchor text on them…. My keywords got ranked as the article got indxed

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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