What an absolute joke Facebook advertising has turned into. From the ads app, business manager all the way to engagement. What an absolute disappointment..

Forum White Hat SEO PPC What an absolute joke Facebook advertising has turned into. From the ads app, business manager all the way to engagement. What an absolute disappointment..

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    I have been advertising on Facebook for almost 5 years. Ive spent hundreds of thousands…3 years ago I could run an LA conversion ad and get 5 orders to the dollar… I could run video view ads to a certain target and get a ton of engagement.. I could communicate on the ad with comments, invite them to like my page, see when the comments was made, etc.. I could duplicate and scale…

    On business manager I could answer messages, get notifications, invite and update my page. Its all buggy now and works like shit.

    I have all new creative and it doesnt do shit.

    Just an absolute joke it has turned into..


    Yeah it’s terrible


    Absolutely correct, Facebook is Surely going backwards, sheer pain sometimes.


    I agree 100%. What a shit show it’s turned into


    Please don’t scare me. I just launched a huge campaign yesterday.


    I’m doing fine


    All in the name of ‘privacy’ from apple.

    edit: this doesn’t diminish FB completely shitting the bed with all of ui and systems


    12 years of facebook advertising, it’s now as bad as 10 years ago.
    However, it’s really bad as an advertiser but the fact that they were tracking us too much created a lot of privacy issues as a user. The capitalist in me wants them to be successful again though:)


    Moved our spend to google. 13-17k day and more than half is going to google now. Used to be 10% goog


    The ads / business managed interface is enough to drive anyone insane. Why the fuck is it so hard to even find simple shit. I swear every week something changes in their UI


    It really is. It’s certainly still powerful but the data that comes back now is just absolutely awful that it leads to such inconsistent performance too.

    One of my campaigns at the moment is a message campaign that’s lead to a bunch of messenger enquiries directly for the client within the past week. On Facebook’s end though… 0 conversation starts. It’s just so useless even for goals that exist on Facebook itself.

    I’m seeing performance that’s all over the place for clients.


    I think you need to realize that 5 years is a long time, and Facebook Advertising kept growing.

    You’re competing with way more people than 5 years ago, so you’re bidding against more people, to a more saturated audience with little to no novelty factor to stand out.

    Every major tech company is facing customer support issues – Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, because the number of users using their services is humanly impossible to manage, so they rely on AI (which is many years away from providing minimal quality support.

    So I think the trend will continue to be higher costs, worst results, to the point it will become prohibitive for some businesses to access. Remember Facebook doesn’t have unlimited inventory.


    They are rolling out a lot of changes soon. Just be patient and keep testing. People’s been saying what you’re saying every year even back when it was ‘easy’. If it’s draining your budget, I suggest you pause your campaigns for a month or two if you can.


    We’ve move the vast majority of spend to Google and Programmatic now. We maintain a presence on paid FB, but it has become crap.


    We’ve invested a lot of time in feeding the algorithm with proper data through the CAPI, and recently most of our campaigns started outperforming the ones we ran before iOS 14.5. Probably because most other advertisers are settling for incomplete data.

    That’s the whole thing with FBA – you don’t need a perfect campaign (structure), you just need to do things slightly better than most other advertisers.

    Online consumer spend is the highest it’s ever been. If they’re not spending it on you, they’re just spending it somewhere else.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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