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    Does there exist such a tool? I have found plenty of services for bulk uploading images but I am struggling to find one which will let me post them all, one at a time each day. Adding photos to Facebook Business is the easy part- the long winded task is setting a time for each photo and it’s the one thing I’d like to streamline

    There are a lot of bulk posting options which involve a csv file and they look quite promising, as many utilise a datetime column for scheduling- but how does one add a photo to a csv? Does it involve an some off-site hosting from which the auto-poster scrapes the images when it’s time to post?


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    Try out RecurPost.
    You can create a content library, add your images in bulk into it, and set a schedule to post all the content one by one each day.
    And if you wish to upload content through a CSV file, you need to put the image URL in the file, which the scheduler will fetch and upload.
    You can take the 14-day trial and book a one-on-one session with the team, where they will guide you on how to use the tool.


    I am actually the co-founder of a social media scheduling tool called OneUp, and it supports bulk uploading images (can be from your computer, or from a CSV).

    You can specify a date and time for each post if you want, but by defaults all your uploaded posts will be 1 hour apart from each other.

    We even provided and “Bulk update date and time” option where you can choose when you want the first post to publish – and then how much time you want between each subsequent post.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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