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    I am a local company with all my local directories already setup and matching with my company. I am not sure how to go about building local backlinks though that would help drive more business.


    – Look at all local charities, see if their sites link to donors
    – see if local chamber of commerce links to members
    – look at local school clubs and sports teams that might link to sponsors
    – look at local 5K/10K/Marathons for sponsorships


    What niche?

    Help A Reporter Out has some opportunities. You can pay a local newspaper to do a story and quote you. Buy a link from BBB & chamber of commerce. Create your own on social media (FB, IG, Twitter, GMB, YouTube, Houzz, Pinterest etc. Find charities who need money and become a sponsor.


    I heard someone share this the other day. Why don’t you buy donuts and deliver them to CoVid19 workers such as nurses, police station, or fire stations. Post it on you social media and thank the donut shop for the donuts and the workers for all there hard work and usually this will get picked up by both of them. And even had some get picked up by local news. Good luck and be creative!


    The broken-link building method. …

    Backlinks through infographics. …

    The advantage of guest articles. …

    Spy on your competitors. …

    Build internal links. …

    Promote your content. …

    Write testimonials. …

    Contact journalists and important bloggers.


    For this you can do various submissions in those sites or other local sites such as
    – blogs
    – infographics
    – social media posting
    – PR submission
    – guest posting
    – review
    – local listings and reviews

    I am SEO executive working in this field since last 3.5 years. There are many other things we can do to creat your brand name to get more business.

    I can help you with marketing strategy plan and execution as well.


    **Let’s see here local link building tips:**

    * Target location based keywords
    * Leverage Local Partnerships
    * identifying your competitors and explore their popular resources.
    * create a local resource page
    * Visit Your Prospect’s Location ( such as Suppliers, Manufacturers, Associations, Chamber of commerce / Rotary clubs, Local meetups)
    * Write Guest Posts
    * Create Premium Content (such as Whitepapers, E-book, Resource page, In-depth blog post, Case studies, Co-created guest posts, Infographics)


    Steal Your Competitors’ Local Backlinks.

    Be the First to Reach Out.

    Create a Case Study or Review

    Visit Your Prospect’s Location

    Always Be Guest Posting.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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