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    There’s a problem in my For you page. I have been using tiktok for almost three years and my fyp has been adjusted to show contents that i enjoy (mostly memes/dances/relatable videos from the US). But since last week my fyp had been compromised and everyday i’m seeing animal videos and weird random videos from thailand, russia, india, japan, china.. i have done everything to remove these videos off my page, tapping not interested on all of them, reliking all my liked videos, following all the creators that i like, clearing my cache, redownloding tiktok, made a new account, used a vpn, and i have contacted tiktok support multiple times. However i still see animal tiktoks and foreign videos. I really want my fyp to go back the way it used to, its the only reason why i open tiktok.


    Well, depending on where you live in the world you might not even be able to access tiktok soon…


    VPN will certainly effect it, try leaving it off if you havnt already.

    Ive notice that my account has recently, automatically followed some people I wasnt following before. Check that, because if you’re in the same boat, it’ll likely skew your fyp


    I live in Korea too and I’m having the same problem! It’s been a few weeks and I was hoping it would get fixed, but it’s not. It’s driving me crazy!


    i live in japan and i’m having the exact same problem! nothing fixes it. i’ve tried liking videos from popular hashtags, blocking sounds, blocking accounts, creating a new account. i’ve just given up and deleted the whole app :/


    I’m so glad it’s not just me. My foryoupage was perfect before but since two weeks ago I’ve been tapping “not interested” on every single tiktok that shows on my foryoupage yet I still keep getting similar content showing.
    I might just have to stick with Instagram reels 🥺 the type of tiktoks I’m looking for show up instagram more than tiktok

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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