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    I’m not sure how to ask this, because searching hasn’t given me any help.

    My boss hired an SEO company, unbeknownst to me, in his impatience to get our new-ish site to rank higher. We re-branded the company earlier this year, which meant a new domain and website. Once we settled on the design and content, I started the on-going process of SEO, but the boss expected the rankings for our old site to miraculously follow us to the new site, regardless of what I said or the links I sent him about the SEO process.

    The SEO company verified our site using their own gmail account and tried to deverify my account. I was livid. The list of items they sent my boss that needed to be done for SEO, I had already done! Then my boss gave them access to the WordPress console using HIS login credentials and password. The two pages they changed keywords and meta descriptions wiped out the content and didn’t tell us. So we had a blank contact page from Friday to yesterday.

    Anyway, I hope you understand my frustration with and mistrust of these noodle heads. I want to deverify their Google console access as all-powerful owner and assign them lesser roles. English is not their native language, so when I told them what I wanted them to do, they sent a letter about their services. So it’s left to me to figure out how to take away their ownership role and assign them role I can trust them to have. Any thoughts?


    Your boss hired a SEO company. Seems it something like “the best SEO company £200-300/per month”.

    Unfortunately, your boss made a choice. But you can try to ask them to devirify all their accounts. Also you **must explain** to a boss why it is a bad idea when a SEO agency uses their accounts to verify company’s site. I don’t understand why they need it, that’s alarming.

    Excuse me, what is your reason?


    Thats alarming you should not give them admin credentials to your WordPress and ownership to webmaster tools.

    Keep track on shady links if they are hired at low cost. This mistakes fuckup real bad at long run.

    I strongly suggest you to change admin and pass of wordpress and give them editor access to your WordPress as well as keep google webmaster/analysis ownership to yourself.


    Remove the TXT entry, the meta tag or the html snippet from the root folder.
    Then go to GSC > settings > user > click on the triple points on the users email address > manage domain property user

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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