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    I make a living with organic Instagram (my own account + consulting businesses) and I’ve noticed these key elements across any niche that make a great IG post. Pretty simple stuff, but not too common to see people make use of.

    **Visual & relevant:** Make the post about the photo / video. Try to communicate mostly through the media and use the caption to support and to clarify. A common mistake I see is a photo with a completely irrelevant caption. These posts almost never do well. People like when they “get” the post in a second, which doesn’t happen when the media and caption aren’t tied together.

    **Inspirational & motivational:** Instagram is a place where people go to zone out and to daydream. Inspirational and motivational stuff give small dopamine boosts that are exactly what people hope to get from Instagram. Funny shit works too, but it’s way harder to nail on a constant basis, unless you’re just really funny. Educational stuff is overused and not ideal. Inspire on IG & educate on your blog.

    **Punchy & simple:** People in Instagram browsing mode have no attention spans. Keep ideas simple and get to the point fast. Don’t make them work for that dopamine.


    Yes, stuff can work despite you checking off all of these perfectly, and sometimes it makes sense to go for a longer, educational post—but most of the time these are the general rules to follow on Instagram.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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