Super confused about report received from SEMRush.. looking for insight

Forum White Hat SEO Super confused about report received from SEMRush.. looking for insight

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    Hey guys so I’m a bit confused. I receive a report every couple of weeks from SEM Rush to tell me the position and visibility of my website. In the report it said that my website is ranking #6 for a keyword but when I searched the keyword in incognito mode and my website was not ranking #6, it was on the third page of Google. I’m super confused about the accuracy of SEM Rush reports. Has this happened to someone before or does anyone have any thoughts about this?


    Are you in a different region to the one configured in SEMrush?


    Hello! In Position Tracking, you can always click to view the SERP where our crawler found that specific term in that specific region. You mentioned the locations line up but do you have a different Zip Code set up for the other place? Are you searching from a different Zip Code? If you’re not seeing them line up for some reason, please get in touch with our customer support team.

    They can be reached at [email protected] dot com and would be happy to check into your account!


    Look at the cached version of the SERP. There are times I do a search in my city and the results are not what SEMRush is saying however, when I am at my office and do the search the results much more closely match. My office is in the same city as my home. However, the search results can favor by neighborhood.

    With tools like SEMRush you will need to also monitor daily volatility of SERPs as well as the differences in the cached search. There are a good amount of insights to be gained there.

    Another thing to consider is that SEMRush, AHREFs, MOZ and all these tools are only so accurate they capture a position once a day or every couple days depending on the app. That snapshot is not live and comes from a fixed location. Using the API these tools have and aggregating the results from multiple tools is the best way to gain “accuracy”.


    Does it denote if it’s mobile or desktop?


    I would use google search console to track which search terms you are ranking for, its free and more accurate.


    SEMRush keyterm tracker is frequently off


    The SERPs are not static. They haven’t been for years. They will vary from location to location and user to user. There are no absolute positions anymore, and there haven’t been for like a decade.

    The only think rank trackers should really be used for is looking at trends. I would not worry about the exact position they say you are in.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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