Sudden decline in web visitors and sales from Facebook Ads

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    I went from a steady increase in traffic and sales over the past 4 months to almost ZERO this past week. I have checked everything and nothing has changed. Is anyone else experiencing this? What could be happening? Also, customer interaction on my FB page is also a lot less.


    What’s wrong with your store? Can you send your store link


    Yes! I am also seeing ridiculously high CPC. Barely any reach and drop in purchases. And i was going great until about end of March. Been about a week since this is going on. Havent changed anything. A lot of a fluctuation in the CPC and barely any reach. Draining all the money


    Same thing here, Feb and March was crushing – So far April as been horrible.


    cant say this is definitely the reason, but my phone JUST got hit with apple’s security update TODAY. i’m being asked if i want to be tracked on every app that uses tracking that i open. maybe the time has come for other people too


    have you tried refreshing your creative?


    What is your daily budget?


    Have you confirmed KPIs and done domain verification?


    I had the same thing happen to a client’s campaigns recently. Very good sales for a week straight then the next week it tanked. What we found was that the website was not optimized (I believe he made changes to it, added new images, Shopify plugins, etc.)

    Your website was in another comment and I put it into Google PageSpeed Insights and it didn’t pull up great results.

    I think Facebook is cracking down on website with poor performance in that they will charge you more CPM to take their users off their platform and onto your slow store (as they see it).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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