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    What do you find more interesting – stories (not highlight) or posts in the feed? Doesn’t matter if it’s photo or video.


    Stories are more interesting as those can be easily seen on your profile.


    I like stories for things you want people to see for sure (they actively have to click past them to avoid them if they’re going through them), but posts in the feed are definitely more shareable and encourage more engagement, at least for us. We get lots of views on our stories but little actual feedback. We get a ton of feedback and engagement on posts, but whether our post reach is actually as reported is anyone’s guess.


    It truly depends on the account and the person behind it. If I’m genuinely interested in the person behind the account, I’ll watch their stories. If they have good content but find their stories boring, I’ll likely mute their stories and just interact with their in feed posts.


    They have different purposes. Think of Stories like refined Snaps: they should be humanizing peeks into the world of the account while retaining the almost magazine-esque aesthetic of Instagram.

    Posts, on the other hand, can be more directed. These should have the highest quality and actively define the voice of the account. More brand heavy than stories.

    Having too casual of posts will make your account seem tacky, while it may ingratiate your stories. Having too formal of stories will make the account seem like an ad machine that ends up annoying followers. Gotta strike a balance.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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