Should you have your images indexed or added to no-index for SEO?

Forum White Hat SEO Should you have your images indexed or added to no-index for SEO?

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    I have a client that was wondering why my SEO report from lists them as having over 100 different webpages for the Site Health portion of the report. I checked on screamingfrog and it’s primarily from image files. So I was wondering, should we list the images as noindex or index? And will that affect SEO ranking in your experience?

    Also I’ve never had a problem with stock photos in the past but the client said they read that using stock images can affect your SEO in a bad way, but again, I’ve never had problems with it and I’m trying to be mindful of their budget. I have a designer that I work with that can make them all custom images but that would likely cost them hundreds of dollars a month on top of my charge. So any information you can give me would be helpful, I did some searches and most of what came up was scaling images down for site speed issues.


    i think no indexing them is a mistake.

    they are website content.

    just use all the proper unique meta data points to describe the image, alt, title, etc for G to spider and cache in the serps


    The images need to be indexed for SEO.


    Have you ever used Google image search?

    That question should be enough for you to figure out if you should index them or not 😉 .


    We believe that indexing the images on your website is important because you can easily gather alot of traffic from Google Image Results. This is especially in respect to Blog post Images as people looking for a certain query may stop by at your image and open your blog to read it. And that’s exactly what you want.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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