Should r/PPC remove “account banned” or move to a sticky?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Should r/PPC remove “account banned” or move to a sticky?

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    I’ve been browsing and interacting in the subreddit for a while. I find it very useful and for the most part well moderated. Thanks to the mods and community members for that.

    I feel like there are a ton of “why did my account get banned” or “how to recover account” posts per day. The answer is almost always to be found in the platform support documentation, and if it is not found there, then youre just out of luck.

    In many cases you could start a new account to advertise with in some cases. In others doing so would be “subverting systems” which means you just don’t get to run ads on that platform anymore.

    Seems to me these questions could be covered with a sticky and bot better than clogging up the feed but interested to hear the opinions of others on this.


    I personally find most banned topics to be informative. As vague as Google’s advertising policies are, each of those thread give me some insight as to what might have caused a ban.


    Yes! There’s so many of them, and it’s not something the community has much to contribute to.


    Agreed. At least one post a day. A single sticky would fix most of them.


    Agreed. A general advice thread with common troubleshooting and contact information for support is really all any of us can do.


    I have less of a problem with that than the people advising others to create a new account in circumvention of the suspension/ban and is a TOS violation.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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