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    Does anyone have experience in boosting a personal art website who is trying to sell paintings for the wall? Around $200-1000 price range a piece. Any kind of keyword I am trying to use, is automatically destroyed by overstock, Etsy, Pinterest, etc.


    If you keep looking for may find some lower competition keywords to go for.

    I wouldn’t give up just because the top results are bigger sites like that. You may be able to outrank them by having better optimized content.

    I outrank big e-commerce sites when it’s just some category page with little content and just a list of items, without needing a ton of links, just from better content that I took the time to optimize.


    Lots of variables.

    As it is a personal art site branded traffic will depend on how big of a name they have and if people search them out.

    If it were me I would do an inventory list of where you’re at. What’s your load time , what is an easy fix on the site to help boost it.

    Then I’d look at where you stand , figure out the keywords that you want to have and see how the competition is. Do a list on how they compare to you, links , content , on page SEO etc.

    Then I’d see where I have opportunities. What do you rank for already. Can you easily improve? Do any of these kw drive traffic that converts?

    Essential a gap analysis


    Go for low competition keyword and try to come up to top 5 search results. Not everyone Will like big authority sites. More content and more competitive price


    Most of the time, an individual artist is going to have a better chance at success making a name for themselves on social media than with SEO.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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