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    I wan to learn search engine optimization.
    I am a complete novice. I have read about SEO on various platforms. I want to gain a working knowledge of it.

    How did you learn it ? I mostly found some 30 hour courses online.

    Are there some complete courses that certify you as an seo ?
    Most of the courses I found are on udemy coursera and edx, I am not sure about them.
    Not doubting their credibility, just that they say “specialization “ .

    It’s just that most subjects have a university backing like a masters or a diploma or certificate.

    And since I am just starting out I want to get my basics right. I am not looking to polish my already existing skills rather looking for a established course which can teach me the basics right.

    So if you know a Gold standard course for SEO, please let me know

    Thank you !


    Unless you have a wide open budget (and even if you do) work though a dozen Youtube videos to pick out who is FOS and who offers the info in the manner which works for you. Consider the free Google training at []( as another free starting point.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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