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    Hi all-

    Running social media at a tech start up, and I have a goal of sending regular social media trend reports to my c-suite leadership team, so that they can quickly draft posts that are of interest to their respective communities.

    I’d like to set up listening dashboards that pull in the Home newsfeed from LinkedIn, and be able to quickly toggle between the six members, reviewing content that is pulled in and synthesizing it into trends – for example, “oh, I see that a lot of people happen to be posting about Topic X”.

    I’ve looked around at different platforms, but this seems to be a fringe use case. Can anyone recommend a piece of technology or a platform that does this well?


    You can hire someone to be able to scrape those 6 members posts using something like uipath, bring them into a spreadsheet and then let some automation scan for topic words that repeat or just a jnr staff member manually read the sheet.


    I don’t have an answer, but I will say that I do not believe LinkedIn will ever have an API that allows for much more than what they offer now. They just don’t seem interested (and never have). I have my people listening via tools like Hootsuite and Sprinklr, but beyond listening, we keep it all native.


    Linked in doesn’t have a listening API nor do they offer this sort of data. I worked for one of the larger social listening companies and would get this request pretty frequently. You’d have to create something custom and against LI’s TOS

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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