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    Nothing straight wrong with using money robot or black hat techniques in my opinion, but it is dangerous. If the links made with money robot go to a pbn that is build with care and precautions, it will help, if the links are going straight to money site, it will hurt in the long run.

    Check the new backlinks, and traffic sources to be sure.

    “Black hat” are techniques that Google don’t like, most of the time because it makes their work more complicated, but also “white hat” only pushes websites to go straight to Google ads to be somehow in the first position, as long as you have the money to be there.

    So in reality that works for someone is always grey.

    Long term white hat is slow, and is not even secure, because everyone doing the same has the same chances. And then no one has any chance because if everyone optimize in the same way how could Google show relevant content?

    That’s why backlinks are so important, and that’s why it depends a lot of how the software to build fast backlinks is used.

    But you are mostly right, is very easy to fuckup with black hat SEO, and is hard to be unpenalized.

    In your place I’ll learn about money robot, and look at boss reaction, and be clear in the risks to him, so he won’t blame you if everything explode.


    It’s difficult to ascertain whether this SEO is legit or not. You’re giving us your tainted view of him and we can only see things through your lens.

    There is hardly anything objective you have said apart from the software he uses and that backlink software can be used on tier 2 properties.

    Everything seems to stem from the fact that you just don’t like the guy and are subjective. No contract, it’s a good thing – most SEOs sign a 12 month retainer with clients. The boss wants him to teach you SEO. He’s doing the bare minimum to tick the boxes, every minute he spends teaching you, is a minute wasted doing actual SEO. So blame your boss not the SEO.

    A few things you can do to ascertain if he is legit or not.

    Is he building fresh content, once every 2 weeks or weekly and posting on your site? (he should do that).

    Is he building useful content, longform 2000+ word pages for important pages like homepage and other landing pages? (he should)

    Is he building good clickworthy titles and descriptions for search results pages? (he should)

    Is he working on optimising the company site for speed? (he should)

    Has he done keyword research and grouped keywords into categories and built pages for each thematically similar keyword group?

    Now the links part.

    Is he doing outreach/guest posts to high organic traffic sites related to your niche?

    What type of links is he getting from this software and where are the links pointing to? Hopefully not money page.

    Others may want to add their questions.

    The comission basis is a silly way to pay the seo. Just pay them their consulting fee. If the SEO comes from word of mouth recommendation from another business owner who has had good results, I would say that’s a sound recommendation. Better that than signing onto an SEO that spammed you in your contact form.


    Op you ever thought or a career change? Send me your portfolio


    I didn’t read past the money robot point.

    I’ve been doing SEO for 10 years now and ranked Sites across a lot of niches so feel I’m fairly well qualified to comment.

    This guy is not the one. In the short term your boss might be happy with the results but I promise you it will cost him a lot of money to fix when this guy gets the website penalised by google


    Also doesn’t help when your boss is gullible. Like he says “he’s #1”. Like “you’ll be ranking so fast your head will spin“. Just all bs talk and he buys into it. I deal with that garbage.


    Money Robot is not black hat. It’s spam. It creates spammy links. That is all it is capable of. It takes zero skill or expertise to use.

    Actual black hat techniques take more knowledge than just adjusting a few settings in a bot and pressing ‘go’.

    But you are right to be worried about the long-term effects this clown will have on the business.


    Sounds like you were dead on.

    Great intuition! Document & be ready when the bridge begins to burn!


    an SEO-only role is inherently always sketchy IMO…especially when surrounded by other positions in a company. Lots of companies simply don’t have them because they’re so all encompassing


    I have totally met business owners and leaders like this. There’s not much you can do to help them, because they are so set in their ways and sure they are right. I agree with the line of thinking that she should be moving on to another company! That guy is bad news.


    Yes, your boss hired a hack. If this guy is using Money Robot for SEO, then he’s literally a bottom feeder. These are the types of “experts” that give the SEO industry such a bad rap.

    The website will probably get slammed with a core algorithm update within the next 6-12 months, if not by a manual penalty.


    > He uses a program named **Money Robot** to automatically builds back-links.


    This post is a joke right?


    I think your guts are telling you something here.

    Listen to the people who are saying that his techniques may cause problems further down the line. What you need to watch out for is that he doesn’t handover SEO to you and take off before that happens – you don’t want to be left holding the bag when the boss notices results tank. Especially because it sounds like your boss won’t understand the true reasons.

    Your boss might not know anything about SEO, but surely he’d be able to understand that giving someone a 5% commission on website purchases (and I’m guessing this is regardless of acquisition?) without a contract is a recipe for disaster.

    My guess is your best chance would be to help your boss see that, without directly putting yourself between these two people.


    Money Robot? Haaaaaaaaaaahahaha. OMG. I just started crying. That is totally a black hat tool. Bad news.


    that tool is purely blackhat spam. those techniques haven’t worked in more than a decade. 2008 i think. I would tell your boss that.


    In a few months, you will see the result.

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