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    I went live with a website 1 month ago, however, blog pages got indexed but my service pages are Discovered, but not indexed.

    I so far analyzed:

    a. Pages do not have any noindex tag

    b. Performed a log file analysis and there I found out that crawl frequency is less on the service pages

    c. Performed a content QA and its optimal

    d. I have seen some HTTP/HTTPS mixed content and I am trying to fix it.

    e. I have properly internally linked pages.

    Things that I have tried to fix:

    a. Internal linking from the blogs which have got indexed. This worked for 1 URL as the next day it got indexed.

    b. Submitted sitemap once again in GSC and made sure that there no redirected/broken URLs in the sitemap

    c. Some on-page reoptimization

    d. Submitting URLs in GSC


    Let me know your suggestions.


    Getting a few backlinks from trusted websites might help. Try also posting them on some social media accounts – these are probably the quickest backlinks you may get


    maybe you have resembled content pages on your website. sometimes content that is resembled other site pages made a problem for other pages. just go through the content of the site. hope this will helpful for you


    Might be a canonical loop


    I know the feeling. Just wait a couple of weeks. I had a (wordpress) site with Yoast SEO plugin that took more then 8 weeks that it was completely indexed. After 2 weeks I saw some pages and was growing in the weeks after. Patience young padawan 😉


    It’s only been 1 month, relax and just keep posting more content. In 6-18 months your first posts will probably shine 🥳

    SEO is a slow long-term game. No reason to spend your time and energy on worrying about ranking after 1 month.

    In a couple of weeks/months you will start seeing your content being indexed more and more, and in 6-12 you might start seeing some traffic worth talking about.


    Make sure sitemap file and robot.txt file on your root folder in hosting site. Use webmaster Google to index and request to index. If wordpress user yoast plugin will help. It will index.


    You can also submit sitemap in google console.
    Also mannually submit the indexing request.


    What is the URL?


    How many words do the service pages have? Pages for services tend to be lower on the word count spectrum.

    It may be coincidence but I’ve noticed that google seems less inclined these days to index pages with a lower wordcount, with even pages with 800 words and proper images not getting indexed until I added more words. If it is a coincidence, it’s very coincidental that it keeps on happening on various websites.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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