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    Does anyone know any methods for positive social media trajection and to promote a consistent feedback loop? I am trying to build a sports Twitter page and was looking for some tips! Thanks


    Twitter is a whole different beast to every other social network in my opinion.

    On Twitter it works like this(assuming low followers numbers):

    You post something with a hashtag -> Someone sees it and likes it/Someone sees it and retweets it -> Somone sees the liked/retweeted post and follows you

    The best way to get followers is not from tweets that you send. It is from someone tweeting about you or someone retweeting your content.


    Twitter is a tough platform but a great way to spread awareness is to find sports conversations and jump in on them. Offer your two cents on the original tweet but also engage with the other replies. On bigger sports accounts the original poster won’t get the opportunity to reply to everyone and then you can jump in and fill the void.

    It’s not a hack or anything, just one to one communication over and over again that compounds over time.


    What i would suggets on twitter, and i am fairly new but seen people in the likes of Gary VEE kill in on the platform with this method.

    Go to the search bar and write what you’re interested in so for example: NBA final

    And a bunch of tweets that talk about the NBA final pop in front of you, now, you jump into the conversation with all of those people, drop your 0.02$ on each one of them, 20 times a day everyday…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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