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    So my question is , are domains that aren’t .com bad for SEO? Should I avoid using those domains?
    I want to create a website based on my instagram profile name, so .zone domain would fit in perfectly.

    I was wondering, will using the .zone domain take toll on the future SEO on my website? Should I avoid using it and go for a different .com instead?


    I would honestly stick to more established tlds. Not SEO related but:

    When .pw came out years ago, I was one of the first to buy into that domain. I thought it was good that there was an extension for personal website so it would work for personal branding. What happened since?

    1. Nobody knows what the hell .pw is. So that’s annoying but manageable.

    2. A load of spammers apparently bought up tonnes of the .pw extension (it was cheap). So it became common for corporates to stick it on their blacklist. My email deliverability suffered as a result. Even after doing DMARC my deliverability has gone up, but not by much.


    The .com domain extension **is** by far the most used and valuable domain suffix. Put bluntly, Google **is** biased towards websites with a .com TLD. … This, in essence, **is** why .com **is** the **best** domain extension for **SEO**. As .com domains **are** the most powerful, they have become more popular.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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