New TikTok business account – English vs. local language to avoid being buried?

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    Hi, we are a small **Czech company** and we thought we’d like to try creating funny/educational TikToks and Reels to further market our products which we are selling here + expanding to the EU.

    After creating our new TikTok account, we see that **90%** of our ***For You*** **feed is local** i.e. it is in Czech made by Czech creators. The rest 10% is super-successful English TikToks with millions of views, i.e. we see no international smaller-creator TikToks.

    **We would like to reach a global English-speaking audience**, but am I right in thinking that before TikTok pushes one’s videos to other countries, they **first have to be successful in their local** country, which for us is the Czech Republic? I read this online and our FYP kinda proves this.

    Making successful TikToks in English would be hard for us then because Czech TikTok users will prefer content in Czech and our English TikToks could get buried easily.

    I wonder **how can creators from non-English-as-a-primary-language-speaking countries be successful globally with their TikToks when TikTok is very country-specific**, as opposed to say Instagram where you can reach a varied audience far away from your home country (where you just happen to be located) right from the day one.


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    A year ago, we faced the same problem you face now. We couldn’t find a solution. We reached out to TikTok to solve it but they didn’t solve our problems properly but that’s what I suggest you, contact to TikTok Czechia. Maybe they can solve this problem now.


    I’m trying to do the same from Canada to Latin America. From what I’ve found it’s difficult but try engaging in conversations and liking comments to drive people to you.


    You need a SIM card from the country you’re trying to reach. The card can be deactivated, tiktok will still detect the country and put your videos in that specific country.
    (It’s working and I’m currently posting videos in English from Japan with a U.S. SIM card. My audience is mainly from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.


    Try it trough a vpn. Set as your location the states and go on !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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