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    Yet another fix that broke more things 🙁

    1. Can’t join groups as a page
    2. Can’t see our pending posts in a group
    3. Can’t filter page notifications based on Likes, Comments, Shares anymore
    4. Video caption gets cut in large player
    5. Can’t invite people to like your page from “People Who Shared This” anymore
    6. Can’t comment/reply from “People Who Shared This” anymore
    7. etc.

    So dumb.


    Literally the only thing Facebook works on is changes they have decided will increase ad revenue. That is it. I have seen the exact same bugs on Facebook for like 15+ years


    Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the new fb to be supported by Safari (my primary browser), then found out a ton of bugs. There’s also no way to apparently edit videos post-upload, at least on Personal Pages, so you’re stuck with whatever thumbnail it decides to choose.

    You can Edit the Post, then click through to Edit Video, but then the Editing Window gets all greyed out with a notification “Can’t edit videos”, wth. It’s mad how they released a broken product to people just like that.


    FB is a crap company with terrible customer service, not to mention their role in creating a bifurcated society. I can’t wait until they go the way of myspace


    I gave up on it while ago just use reddit now don’t miss it


    Delete your Facebook. Circumvent it. They’re collecting your info and selling it. If you’re this unhappy with how it’s working, then consider the previous fact and cut your losses.


    Why are you still on Facebook? Is what you should be asking yourself in 2020

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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