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    Are you a Neil Patel Fan or Brian Dean Fan? Because I have seen that Neil Patel’s influence and expertise is more towards blogging sort of side whereas Brian Dean emphasizes more towards technical SEO and UI/UX factors.

    I like both of them in their respective personas but personally I am a Brian Dean fan.

    Whose fan you are?


    I personally went off Neil Patel very quickly. I feel like he is very good at drawing you in with big promises and catchy titles but the content is severely lacking. It’s just vague, with no real substance. And I was a big fan of his tool but the price is insane and I hate that I can’t have more than 5 projects to work on. So I avoid him like the plague now


    – Both are good at self-promotion. If you are into that – watch and learn.
    – Brian Dean knows SEO and shares mainly good advice.
    – Neil Patel steals most of his good content from others. Some of his advice is bs. Please don’t support people like him.


    I think both are great teachers. Although Brian focuses more on SEO and Neil more on holistic marketing, both add value to beginners.

    I was really hoping both of them would be more practical in their approaches, but otherwise, I like Brian a little more than I like Neil


    Brian is a little better than Neil, but that doesn’t really say much.


    Brian Dean


    Neil Patel is more of a marketer than an SEO guru, he just uses SEO topics to market himself.

    Brian Dean has a lot of really solid SEO content and I feel he is more of the real deal in terms of learning SEO.


    You want a crazy little secret? Use a VPN to check out the prices and sign up for Mr. Patel’s tool. The prices are way cheaper abroad.

    It was cheap to begin with but I was using a VPN for the US. I was stunned when I shut off the VPN and saw the prices where I’m actually located – at an undisclosed location outside of the United States.


    Brian Dean… His articles provide actionable info.

    Whereas Neil’s articles are catchy to the eye. But doesn’t provide any actionable info whatsoever.




    I am a huge fan of Neil Paten 😉

    Jokes aside, Neil Patel seems good for beginners, and has a few golden nuggets for pro’s as well.

    Brian Dean is mostly for “pro’s”. Some of his content was very original when it came out. Not sure about the latest stuff he did.


    They both seem to encourage keyword stuffing and writing unnaturally


    Brian is way better than Neil. I started with Neil in SEO, but his content seemed pretty vague and were not driving much results for me. I started following Brian, used his techniques and gained significant results in SEO, and YouTube.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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