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    Need help!

    My name is Gagan Deep. l have been doing SEO for 4 months.

    Recently, I am doing Off-page SEO(by mistake 😁).

    I create backlink everyday. But after 1 month of doing so I have question in my mind and that is

    Like, we create backlink and after some time they are indexed in Google.

    My question is if backinks index in Google then do they rank?

    And how user will come to that backlink that is indexed in Google?If backlink will not rank then how we rank for keyword that we have used in backlink’s title and description . if yes, should we work for backlinks ranking and what are the procedure for that.

    I had found it on Google. But i didn’t get any solution. Now i have decided to post it on here. So if you know about it please tell me it will help me a lot.


    Use Google Search Console to track your links. It tracks all type of links to your site and will also give your performance accurately because its Google’s tool.

    Backlinks don’t gurantee the rankings, there are over 200+ factors that affect the rankings.

    However, it is like taking care of the small plant, it won’t grow the day tomorrow but definitely it will grow in future.

    I would say creating backlinks always is worth whether it will rank or not. However, make sure to understand why it is not ranking and fox it asap.


    The main thing about SEO is that if you are looking for shortcuts, you are likely to not find success.

    The fastest way to get SEO success is GOOD QUALITY CONTENT (which needs to be written by a native speaker, and have a positive impact on potential searchers).

    The second fastest way is GOOD, RELEVANT backlinks. If you are just getting random backlinks, Google will ignore those. You have to find HIGH AUTHORITY sites WITHIN YOUR INDUSTRY and get them to backlink to you. If you do that, it’s essentially that site “vouching” for your site. But if it seems spammy, unnatural, or unexplainable, it’s worthless.

    You have to focus on your site. Don’t use SEO as a “cheat code”.

    Any time you get a backlink, Google will understand that. But if it’s not a valuable backlink, or it looks like it’s spammy or paid for, Google will give it zero value. From what I’m seeing, you have to focus more on your content, getting it to read more native-spoken, and getting backlinks from high authority sites. If your content will not be something an English-speaking user will want to read, and if your backlinks are from random websites, you won’t find SEO success

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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