My google ads account was suspended. I need your help

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    Hi Guy,

    I just created an account on google ads 2 days ago. Yesterday, it showed suspension for the unpaid balance. Now today, I got an email from google about suspension for specious payment activity.


    It’s a totally new account. Even I didn’t create any campaigns. 🙁


    Do you know how to solve this problem? I contact them. still no replies from them.




    This happened to me too! I appealed and if got denied. Have to wait a bit but I think I’ll try to call instead? I used my name and my credit card but it’s still got suspended for suspicious payment. Idk how to prove to them that I am me


    I also got an account locked exactly the same way. Really frustrating that even after multiple appeals they are completely unresponsive except for the denials. Did we enter our payment details incorrectly? Why won’t someone at Google just say what the problem is?


    Same thing happened to me. There is no balance in my account and it says unpaid balance.


    I have the exact same problem as you. I recently created an Ads account for my business (using our business cc that we always use) and was suspended due to failure to make a payment when I had auto-pay turned on. After paying the balance and submitting an appeal, I received a follow-up notice saying that my account was still suspended, this time for “suspicious payment activity”.
    My appeals are responded to with a default, unhelpful response that gives no clear indication explaining the violation, or how to fix it. I’ve called support as well and spoken to 5+ representatives who all claim that due to COVID, there is no support available and redirect me to an online help directory that provides zero value.
    Will be following this thread to see what others have to share and wishing you luck in getting your account reactivated! FWIW I’ve seen multiple people have this issue as of late.


    did you receive any replies from your appeal? It’s been happening to so many users lately. It seems new accounts with a threshold limit are the ones getting it. I’m also waiting for my appeal outcome. I also think that the SEO/Ads “experts” probably do have some tricks up their sleeves to ensure this doesn’t happen, although there are many forums/people saying that nobody will give their secret-recipe out for free. But it’s weird to prove your innocence to Google when you haven’t even done anything wrong 🙂 Strange world aye…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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