Multiple interests per ad set or one interest per adset?

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    Just wondering if anyone has had better experience targeting multiple interests vs one interest per adset on your ad campaigns and which resulted in more clicks?


    I targeted multiple interest groups at first then cut back to one interest group then quit running ads.


    one interest per ad set
    stacked interests if less than 1m in audience size


    Can use multiple if they are relevant. If you have the budget, split them up for insights.

    And statements, or narrowing your audience, can work well but I wouldn’t do it unless you have a clear purpose in mind.


    If you separate adsets by interest make sure to make them mutually exclusive so there’s no overlap.


    I stopped separating my targeting and put everything into one ad set: interests, lookalikes, retargeting… everything.

    Facebook’s algorithm is smarter than me.


    You should lump all interests together in one ad set because people can be interested in multiple things which will reduce your overlap. Similarly, if you’re not messaging each interest differently, there isn’t a point to separate them. In general, you want to pick an objective that is aligned with your business goal (i.e. if you want sales you need to track with your sales with the fb pixel) and then setup a fairly broad audience (e.g. multiple interests, maybe more than you think is relevant or use lookalike audiences based on desired behaviors like sales) finally letting the algorithms go to work.


    Multiple interests and CBO for me


    I have the best luck with one service/product per adset. Mostly it’s just for my own organization sanity, not sure that it really makes a difference of performance.


    I personally would split them into different ad sets. That way you could see how each individual targeting choice is performing…. then you can figure out which targeting parameters you might want to be throwing more $$$ to.


    Can you get metrics for your interests? Does it show what interest performed the best given that you have multiple interests in your adset?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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