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    Did anyone of you who got hit by the Google may core update recover? I still haven’t managed to recover at all. Still lost 75% of my traffic.


    Nope, still haven’t recovered.


    Same, was the first update in years that dropped me in ranks.


    Is there a collective agreement on what was targeted in the update? Anyone commenting here have an idea about something that maybe they were doing that got their hand slapped?


    If you haven’t recovered by now, it ain’t happening.


    Yeah me and my clients got recoverd.. we are doing fine here


    I’m about 25% recovered, and slowly getting better. Almost at 50% of where I was.


    My traffic has increased a bit from that time as I just started ranking on the first page of a keyword I targeted a year ago.

    But the no. of keywords I ranked during May was around 1.1k and still today it hasn’t reached the half of it.

    So I won’t say I have recovered completely because there were tons of pages I used to have on google in May but today only some of them are ranking.


    I have rcovered a bit but I’m still down 30% on user sessions, coming from – 50%. It’s getting better bit by bit luckily. Where I was almost at 10k sessions per month, I’m now back at 6k on a good month. I did notice my bounce rate improved a lot and so did avg. Session time. My ad revenue actually increased as well.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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