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    Hi all, I’m considering putting our company on to either Kenshoo or 360. Does anyone with experience of both have strong views on the pros and cons of each that you could share? Or does anyone know of a good, deep-diving comparison out there they can point me to? Many thanks in advance!


    I’d say go with SA360.

    I’ve tried both platforms and Kenshoo upload process is more than cumbersome.

    Kenshoo did have nice bid automation but SA360 is catching up to that and usually faster in supporting new ad formats.

    Additionally, I had issues with pixel conversion drops from Kenshoo.


    What benefit are you looking to get out of them? When I shopped around a few years ago, I think SA360 was quite a bit cheaper.


    Integrations with the rest of the Google Marketing Platform make attribution (and thereby enhanced bidding) the real selling point. The cost-benefit ratio is positive above a certain $ point.


    I just use ecpc and get great roas


    We use both at work and I’d say go with SA360 instead.

    This might sound like nitpicking, but Kenshoo’s UI is noticeably slower than SA360’s. That in itself can get annoying after a few weeks of working with it.


    I love kenshoo but all our transactions are offline and it integrates those as well as all other platforms (Facebook, Bing, Pinterest) the bidding algorithms are wonderful and the ad scheduling is essential to our business model. We pay a flat fee + a small % of spend. I tend to think google 360 favors its own platform and kenshoo eliminates that because they have their own conversion pixel!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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