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    Was doing some backlinks research and found a competitor has made three or four free websites with three articles on each. Each article has keyword rich anchor tags all linking back to their websites. These microsites are all not branded and don’t even have headers.

    They are free sites on free website services like site123.com, strikingly, limbdo but SE Ranking is showing they have high Domain Trust. I am not sure if this is because the score is for the whole domain and not just the subdomain.

    Has anyone tried this method of creating free microsites and linking back to your site? If so did it work?

    I am new to link building so any insights are appreciated.


    This is a legit tactic that is kind of as old as (modern) SEO

    A tactic that is similar and will work a lot better is to create your own sites on real domains and use them as a truly private Network to make parts of the internet that you want more visible.


    I have a competitor doing the same thing in my niche ranking high and on the first page for the best keywords. I have really thought about doing it myself but just ignored it to watch him. It seems pretty obvious of how it’s done just wondering if there’s anything I’m missing myself besides making it look natural like each post linking to other websites as well.


    These are their tiered backlink sites …. This is not new


    Screams spammy to me. Why waste time on this when you could spend the time creating genuinely useful content for your users and make that the bedrock of a more legitimate backlink building process?

    As has been mentioned this kind of strategy is pretty old and just because sites like SE Ranking have decided that domains like site123.com have high authority, doesn’t mean that Google is treating sites built on it the same way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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