Is this a good path for starting freelance social media management?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Is this a good path for starting freelance social media management?

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    Im wondering if digital marketers and social media managers can evaluate whether I am on the correct path for learning about freelance social media management (Instagram) and if the things I listed are enough to being pitching social media management services to clients!

    **Choose my services**

    * Package services that I can offer and have experience with
    * Content creation, posting content, engaging with followers

    **Choose a niche**

    * Automotive (Car repair, tire sales, car customization)
    * Why? – been following and analyzing content for few years as a car enthusiast

    **Get Clients**

    * Pitching my services and why they need social media management
    * Showing them proof of growth (Ex. My own pages)

    **Manage the clients pages**

    * Social Media Strategy: strategy of what will be posted (and why its good to post this)
    * Content Creation (writing captions, finding images, creating designs, creating video)
    * Posting content using scheduling platform


    * Engagement with consumers by actively responding and answering questions
    * Post optimization (testing out different times/days/types of content)

    **Client Communication**

    * Discussing any new events etc.
    * Explaining how their accounts are performing

    Objective starting today: Take all the above and apply it to my own instagram page specific to car content (showcasing my build through photos/videos including DIY’s)

    I will use what I learn from courses and other sources about organically growing pages following and creating a community and brand

    Thanks for the read and input!


    I think this looks great. I’ve been hired on less 😂 You should be fine!

    It’s a good idea to do an initial audit of your client that includes an overview of their current social media, a competitive analysis, and SWOT analysis.

    You may also have to consider whether or not they want to approve the posts ahead of time and what you’re going to charge and when you’re going to charge it.

    Good luck! Great niche!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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