Is it worth it to bid on branded keywords?

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    Hear me out. If a brand in a not-so-competitive space is already in the Absolute Top Position for its ads on its own keywords, and all its prominence metrics show signs of organic dominance on SERPS, and it’s confirmed that competitors are not bidding on the brand’s own keywords – why bid on that keyword if your result will already be at top?

    Besides ad extensions for accessibility, there’s not much more benefit that I can see.

    I’m not saying it’s not worth it or vice versa, I’d like to know your thoughts on this situation


    – You have full control over what your ads say and where they lead. You can use this to send the right message, for special promotions, for putting a spotlight on your most important products…

    – Ad extensions can have significant impact on user experience, e.g. sitelinks, call extensions or location extensions

    – More space on the SERP

    – You actually receive data on your impression share and get access to auction insights

    I guess you’ll have to consider whether these points are worth the (probably very low) CPC.


    The situation you described should result in very low CPC’s, so why not?


    Just don’t forget to switch from last-click attribution model when brand campaign is on.


    My favorite way to think about this is… can you afford to NOT bid on them? They will most likely be very low-CPC with a high ROI. If branded terms result in just 1 conversion per month that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise it would still likely be very profitable.


    A. Are competitors outbidding you ? If so, you have 2 options. #1) call them and ask if a truce is an option (that’s what we do) #2) defend yourself
    B. If competitors are not buying your keywords, then my answer is A/B test your Branded campaign. Start by making sure you are looking at PPC Brand conversions and SEO conversions. If you reduce your budget on the Brand campaign or pause it, are conversions recuperated by your SEO. If not, can you have a better call to action on your pages that your branded SEO trafic lead to ? If your test conclude that cutting budget on SEM = less conversions…. then by all means buy your brand.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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