Is a flat rate of $2000 per month for local SEO a fair price?

Forum White Hat SEO Is a flat rate of $2000 per month for local SEO a fair price?

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    Is a flat rate of $2000 per month for local SEO a fair price?


    It really depends on the scope of service, but that’s not unreasonable at all for a decently comprehensive retainer. Do you have specifics of whats being offered?


    Doesn’t it depend on your anticipated returns? Is it feasible that it ill increase your profits by at least $4k per month?


    Definitely fair but as Studio alluded to, what is included? Are they writing you content? Are they performing outreach for links? Are they actually going into your website and resolving technical issues? Are they doing the keyword seeding, or just providing you with the keywords to seed yourself?

    Big difference between the hands on vs recommendations.

    If they know what they’re doing, it’s a very fair price regardless.


    What about the client’s profit?


    If the SEO provides more than $2,000 of value, then yes.


    I think you’re just making numbers up


    As others said, if it brings more than $2,000 dollars in value to the business in the form of new attention and new customers, then yeah, it’s completely fair.


    Yes. Just make sure you can show them proof of work.

    Obviously, positive changes in rankings are nice to show — but that can take several months to see.

    In the meantime, it helps to show increasing site scores, backlink generation, new content creation and high content-relevance scores. And that can easily add up to $2k per month.


    It may vary depending on the competition rate and the market (outside of US). But overall I think it’s OK


    i would say 2K gets you a basic link building campaign, IF you can actually trust them to build quality links. Get yourself ahrefs or some other tool to follow progress. make sure each month you are provided with a link report. then see what happens.


    I would say that is around what most firms would charge per month for sure for local SEO


    I would avoid flat rate pay-scale unless there is a guaranteed ROI – what services do they offer? Sometimes, marketing companies will prey on business owners who don’t understand SEO and conduct basic services for pretty exuberant prices.


    I would make sure you know what is being worked on each month to justify the cost. For example, I offer a flat fee that is the same for every client no matter what. That includes writing 3 blog posts, on page SEO changes, slack + skype access to me for quick questions, images to use on the site, forecasts for traffic gains, reporting, conversion reporting, and more.

    If they offer vague things like “i’m building 5 links each month b/c links are good for SEO”, I would say this is not worth the money

    This is just my opinion, but if you are paying someone to work on your SEO, you should clearly understand what you are paying for and what that will do for your business over time


    “SEO” is not a fixed thing. They could be writing 10 blog posts on medium and call that SEO. Is that worth 2k/m? no.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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