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    Does anybody know how to find a social media portal to submit your PR for Instagram verification?


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    For instagram verification you need to hire pr management company if you from pune let me know I would be happy to help


    I had access to the portal a little over a month ago and now it’s just gone and Facebook support claims you can go through them for verification but I doubt it will ever have positive results


    I can help. You need some PR if you don’t have it then we can get your featured on some publications


    I can help you get guaranteed verification through media portal. Even if you have no press, we give provide press cheap authority press that sticks. You make payment using escrow , so no verification no payment. Inbox me or message on telegram @darkerhorse if you are interested.


    Hello there,
    Ok, so the requirements for Instagram verification are actually quite simple.
    You will need 10-20 full-featured articles about yourself as the main subject. These cannot be press releases or mentions (e.g. top 10 entrepreneurs to follow in 2021, with you as number 8 for example). It has to be about you.
    The article itself cannot be published on a website like Medium, BuzzFeed, etc, as anyone can post to these. The website must be of good domain authority and should ideally feature in Google News. People will tell you that articles on Forbes, etc, are needed, but I have submitted dozens of verifications for my clients and have never needed a Forbes article.
    Unfortunately, for verification, follower count has little to no impact on the success, but 20k is impressive nonetheless!
    Once you have all your articles are written in the format I outlined above, you will need to submit your account via a media portal/panel, which are granted to big agencies or individuals that spend a lot of time/money on the Facebook ads platform, or to individuals who manage several large accounts.
    I have the ability to write and publish all supporting press for a verification application, and I also have media panel access at Instagram, meaning I can take an account from zero to verified, guaranteed.
    All verifications will require a strong budget, but I personally offer an all-or-nothing deal.
    If I write and publish all your press, and your account isn’t successfully verified, you won’t have to pay for any of it.
    Yes, I am that confident in my ability to get this done.
    Hopefully, that has been helpful. If anyone has any further questions, drop a reply and I’ll see if I can help you out.
    Peace and love.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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