Instagram is linked to our Facebook Business page. How do I give access to a marketing firm?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Instagram is linked to our Facebook Business page. How do I give access to a marketing firm?

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    Marketing firm is asking for our credentials to our IG. I’m wary of sharing the only credentials to our IG with a third-party.

    Our IG is linked to our company Facebook page. If they have a user account under our FB page can they manage and post to our IG account?


    Hi there! I’m a social media manager, and I’ve worked both for a large agency and on my own now.

    Yes, they could post through your Creator Studio through FB, but personally, I’ve never found that to be ideal. If they need to connect to a third-party posting or analytics app, they will need your logins. And if any outbound engagement is part of their contract, having direct access to Insta is a requirement. There’s really not a lot they can do on Insta without those logins, aside from just posting.


    Cant you make them an admin? You’d need their personal Facebook page to link to though.


    There are multiple roles like admin, editor etc. on Facebook creator studio.
    If you want them to just manage and post on Instagram , you can add them to your Facebook page which is linked to your Instagram account.

    But if they’re using a third party scheduler for management you’ll have to share your credentials.


    Do you have Business Manager set up? You’ll be able to give them employee permissions on Facebook for this. However, you do need to share the Instagram password for a majority of the work that is done on Instagram, including posting stories, carousel posts, IGTV posts, branded content approvals, etc.

    In my experience, we change passwords monthly and once a new agency or new client transitions, we change the password again so it locks anyone else out. You can also look at what devices are logged into your Instagram account at any time!


    In my experience the easiest way to work with a third-party is to share the passwords. If they are not following through on what you want them to do, find someone else and change the passwords. If not there tends to be too much red tape to get things done.


    I deal with this daily.

    Super simple solution. Setup your FB business manager account.

    Add the fb page to your business manager.
    Under accounts add the IG account. IG accounts are then able to be shared as a partner asset.

    Have the third party request access to the account. You can limit their permissions then.

    This is also easy as you never have to give them any passwords and can remove them with one click.


    Sharing your IG credentials (username and password) doesn’t automatically give the third party access to your FB.

    However, adding a third party under your business manager account will give them access to both IG & FB.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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