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    Hey all, I was wondering how I would put my social media work on my professional resume? A side account of mine is pretty popular (~20k followers) and that account has collaborated with professional, credible companies to promote their products and I also created original ads for these collaborations. I would like to feature this work on my resume since I’m applying to social media management positions and I feel like these were pretty successful collaborations and big companies that they would recognize. I can’t put something like “Brand Ambassador for [Company]” because I technically wasn’t hired by the company, I only collaborated with them for a limited amount of time although I did create material for them and generated traffic to their site. How would I include a situation and position like this on my resume? Thanks!


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    I would definitely put it down, especially if you can speak to the strategy and optimization tactics behind what it took to grow your metrics. If you can position it from a business angle, and how you forged partnerships with big companies, it will show a lot about your skills.

    Good luck!


    Maybe something like….

    Freelance Brand Consultant – Collaborated with companies to produce and distribute content for short-term advertising campaigns in the [your niche] space. I worked with over [number] of brands including most notably X, Y, and Z. [Add some impressive stats about traffic that you funneled to them if you have any to add].


    I would shy away from mentioning your specific number of followers unless the job you were applying for was in the same niche, and you could use it for proven experience in the niche or if it became such an impressive number that people might hire you because they think your name would mean something to brands they are working with from a general perspective rather than a niche one (but I think that would only apply if you had millions of followers instead of tens of thousands).

    As general advice to people reading this, I wouldn’t necessarily include this information if it was not a job that was tangentially related that you are applying to, either it being in social marketing or it being in the same niche (say you are applying for a software engineering job and have a hugely popular social presence related to coding and it could boost the company just for you to list them as your employer). Or alternately, if you don’t have anything else to list on your resume for that time and it would otherwise create an employment gap to not have anything.


    Everyone applying will have their own social media pages, but not many people will have proven success of growing an account – which’ll hopefully also mean you have experience of content creation, video/photo editing, post scheduling tools, understanding the metrics in your analytics and optimising your content as a results of them etc. Don’t undersell what you have picked up as a result. I remember hiring someone for a marketing role who didn’t have any prior experience but had a popular YouTube channel, and he absolutely stood out – not just what he’d done but what he learned from doing it.


    I would position as a strategic partner / brand collaborator … and then market your skills as knowing how to cultivate and build a community and use that platform to partner with brands resulting in an ROI (or other metric) that was both a positive / win for you + brand.


    Showing how the social skills are transferrable to helping businesses boost their bottom line will set you lightyears apart from everyone else.


    Find a person that endosses your qualification via a personal letter, today these curriculums can be virtual ones. Great companies by the book will hire you if the social media scalation occurs in a specific timestamp. Exempli gratis, your role or supposing your agency delivers 1 million organic followers in 6 months with no much effort but real things like a great campaign you have scored. Did you hear about Behance?


    Focus on the skill sets you have that created the success of the campaigns. E.g. Helped design and hosted an online ad that reinforced sponsor’s brand of being a family friendly fine dining establishment. In less than 48 hours I had produced a final video that resulted in 313,000 impressions, 214,000 likes, at a total cost of $.21 per impression.

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