I want to create a new instagram but without my friends knowing

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    So i want to create a business insta page. But I know it will show to my friends as a suggestive friend. Ive made a page before and some people messaged me asking what it was. So it must have even linked it to my profile.

    I also bought a cheap phone to use it separately, had a new email and number but it still comes up as suggested friends. It probably was not linked directly to mine but still annoying.

    How do I stop this?


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    You may need to use a separate email and phone number


    1. Try changing location and then set up account.
    2. Email should not be linked to the contact no. you have on your original account. Or email which is used in new account should not be linked to original accounts email address.
    Try this, it should work.


    You might use this magic trick, try restricting or blocking their accounts manually.


    I’d suggest using a VPN. Why do you want to avoid your friends though?


    Take my advice, if they are real friends, connect them! You’ll be surprised at how many WANT to help and support you and your business. Connections, in whatever way, are good things when it comes to building a business from the ground up, ESPECIALLY on social media.

    But if you want to build slowly, don’t link your contacts, restrict your message/follow requests in your settings. A YouTube tutorial will show you how to do this easily.

    YOU CAN DO IT ALONE, but why would you if you don’t have to? Social Media is all about networking, and if your network is interested in what you’re doing utilise that and bombard them with “please like and share my stuff”! There’s power in people.


    You can’t. You literally cant.

    Facebook/Instagram is a data gathering service with monstrous AI/machine learning behind it. There are billions (yes with a B) of people using it monthly. They are very very good at going “You probably have a connection to this person”.
    They suggest friends of people who were at a party together for a few hours and may have met.

    If YOU and your accounts are in any way connected or affiliated with this. They WILL match you up and suggest it to your friends.


    Short Answer: You can’t really


    Longer Answer:

    FB/Ig etc use Machine Learning, so not only do they try to connect you to other people using your email and social handles, phone number, etc, but also by location/gps/mac address etc

    So you may be able to avoid them short term, but longterm you probably won’t unless you really start behaving like a completely different person, start using the new account from a new address only, etc..


    In the end, you can just go in and block them manually, but that’s maybe feasible if your have a small group around you..


    Best of luck and be more confident in yourself. When you grow older you realize that you need to take care of yourself and your family, and if other people mock you for it just cut them from your life, cuz they’re not your friends.


    Block all of em as soon as you’re done creating your account


    Use a VPN and/or similar tools, tech-companys don’t care what email/number you use, they can pickup your device/wifi/address and figure exactly what’s going on and what to advertise.

    If it’s still somehow an issue setting up with a VPN, just block any users you actually know as they pop up, regardless only **you** have the power to reveal the identity of the account so I wouldn’t worry either way


    Hire someone in Asia (or somewhere far away from you basically) to do it for you and hand the logins over to you might work, don’t login on your mobile maybe for awhile. Use a PC with a new browser maybe download one you don’t normally use.


    Why not do it from the browser in incognito mode?


    Get a new account. I have several Instagram accounts for different things and not one of my friends knows about them. Is your actual name in your business name????


    just uncheck similar accounts. I got

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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