I have a fan account on Instagram with over 20k followers that I want to turn into an influencer page. Smart idea?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media I have a fan account on Instagram with over 20k followers that I want to turn into an influencer page. Smart idea?

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    Long story short, I used to run a fan account dedicated to a reality tv show (I know, I know) that has a pretty high engagement rate and good follower count. I haven’t posted in a while since I’m no longer active in that show community and wanted to focus more on creating my own content.

    It currently has 24.3k organic followers and is a year and half old. It’s also been recognized & followed by tons of the show’s contestants. Thing is, it’s just sitting there in dust. I want to make use of it by completely archiving every post (2k+ of them smh) and rebranding it to make my own content. Obvs the demographic will be different and I’ll probably be losing followers bc it’s not the content they originally signed up for.

    Should I just abandon this page altogether and create a whole new account or proceed with the rebranding? I feel like it would be cheating but at the same time, I put so much effort into getting it to where it was at its peak and don’t wanna put it to waste. I could also make some money if I did my own content.

    Lmk ur thoughts!

    tl:dr: I want to turn my reality show fanpage that I organically grew and handled into an influencer page of my own w brand new content


    why haven’t you posted half naked pics of yourself yet? now’s the perfect time. get it in.


    Maybe make be Reality TV influencer. Give reviews and talk about it tell your flowing what you think about what Happened in the show. Tell your flowing about outer reality TV shows you like. You could make a 2nd insa for you.


    start it up again, connect with your followers, let them experience YOU

    create another insta, draw links between those 2 and sign post them over to your new insta? so you’re not completely starting from scratch but it’s also not a complete wtf from your previous content


    You will most probably lose followers in the beginning but what I would do would be to transition your followers and let them know what your plans for the page are as to not catch them by surprise when they see a random person they don’t know on their feed. I’d do that with a story and a post of some kind, maybe thanking them too. If you can invest in videos then all the power to you but you don’t need to.


    I wouldn’t. Personally, I don’t like influencer accounts. I follow people who are passionate about their hobbies, their ways of life, the things they love. For me, an influencer is just someone posing and pretending.

    If you suddenly start up your page again and its mission is completely different than what it was before, you’re definitely going to lose followers. If it were me, and I had 24.3K followers, I would post something about changing the direction and get feedback about what they would like to see from you. You don’t have to do what everyone else wants you to do, but it might be interesting to see what ideas they come up with. Just follow this advice:

    Be real. Be you. No bullshit. No fake trips, poses, or what have you.

    Good luck!


    Sell it after creating a new account with cross over posts about your new page


    Best choice is to start a new page and subsequently promote it to your fan account followers


    What show? My significant other might be interested in purchasing


    If they wanted to work with you, they’d have reached out already. As they haven’t, clearly you don’t have what they want.

    To be honest, accounts like yours are a dime a dozen. And there’s little value to most from them. Who would pay you? The show you already post about? Why would they bother, you’re doing it for free.


    There’s a high chance if the name and content changes dramatically that the algorithm recognises this and kills your reach and as well as your engagement. Risky so try to ease people into it with a a half change I.e. change the name from “tv show fan page” to “your name | tv show fan ” and then after two weeks you can change it to “your name | tv show reviewer”. Ease it into the sort of account you want type thing


    Find a topic that you’re followers share interest in. The easiest example: most viewers of that specific TV show probably watch other reality shows. You could turn it into a general Reality TV show page and keep your followers and engagement. If you keep growing you could turn it into a platform which you can monetize.


    What’s the downside? Switch the account and if it doesn’t perform, then start a new one.

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