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    So today my account was struggling (instagram keept on sending me verification codes to check if im a bot) and they didn’t seem to trust my device at all. Then I came up with the brilliant idea to change the username of the account, delet it and then create a new with the old username. I already knew about Instagram blocking old usernames that was deleted so that’s why i changed it before I deleted it.

    Well, apparently Instagram made my former aswesome username innactive aswell in the process for some reason so here I am with nothing! How can instagram be one of the biggest social media out there when it often feels so retarded!?

    Why didn’t i just create a new one before I deleted the old account? Why?


    Facebook wins every fight.


    You are not alone feeling this way.


    Bro before blaming Instagram try to understand that if you change the username continuously then Instagram block that username minimum upto 14 days so that’s why Instagram was not allowing you to use that same username in your new account.


    Same, instagram is so popular, but I absolutely hate it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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