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    I work in digital marketing for a wine company. Getting online conversions for us is quite low ROI despite my best efforts, and I believe the core reason is the majority of people still prefer to buy single bottles of wine in store rather than a case of 6 (this is our minimum due to shipping costs) online.

    We have been running google and fb/insta ads encouring people to purchase from our retailers. They are good ads with decent CTR and interaction rates.

    What I would really love would be able to prove that our ads are driving conversions in stores. We have in store sales data but it is near impossible to see a correlation, it’s very noisy. Obviously we do other marketing too (organic social, in-store promo, radio, etc) so it’s very difficult to measure the effects.

    Is there any way that I can make this link and bridge the gap between our online ads and our in-store sales? The business owner has requested a report illustrating this but I am struggling.
    Otherwise, is there any data drawing a positive correlation between these? The best I could find was a [Neilsen report that claims “a 1-point gain in brand metrics such as awareness and consideration drives a 1% increase in sales.”]( but this is quite soft.


    Popup on the landing page. Download this coupon, show at the cashier. Get a 10% off.


    Google does a good job at recognizing when an individual walks into a store using fine GPS location from a mobile device. It even works with iOS via Google Maps on the device and they are getting better permissions than Facebook due to the utility of GPS for Maps. They do even better with Android devices.


    Search for ‘econometry’. There is a company in UK that for 50-100k looks at your sales,advertising,etc and produces a model that tells you what influenced sales.

    Of course we’re not talking about ads budgets lower than 20k/month.

    Not sure about the company name right now but if you want i can dig in old emails.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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