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    So I have a little over 20k followers and growing fast but i’ve never been approached by a brand or had anyone ask for shout out. I’ve made money by releasing merch but it feels like a very inconsistent revenue stream. One month i’ll make $500 next month $10. How do people find brands for deals or make money consistently? My niche is myself? I wouldn’t say i’m an influencer i’m just a guy making jokes and people keep following lol


    You can try reaching out to the brands themselves. Maybe check out what brands support your competitors, and message them asking if they’re interested in working with you. This works for the smaller businesses at least, but they can still be quite generous and successful. Worth a shot for the bigger brands too, maybe, if your niche is as unique as it seems.


    Reach out to brands whose ads you see on instagram. These ads are relevant to you and you can easily sell your proposal to these brands


    They are not going to come to you unless you are huge, you need to start reaching out to brands you think would appeal to your demographic.


    Depends on the type of account your running. Brands want to work with people and accounts where they can promote their product and it’s done in an authentic way. They also want to see that promoting products or services is something you would do – so try and put some content that does that on your channel but highlight your are not being paid so it’s clear, but shows branded sponsorship is an option.


    There are many Influencer Marketing platforms. Search online “Instagram Influencers sites”.

    You will get so many sites, register yourself with all details. You will start getting orders. It’s similar like solo ads sellers on Udimi!


    You don’t “make money on Instagram”. You do exactly what you were doing in the first place. Use social media to bring awareness to something you sell. Apparel sales was perfect. Now fix it snd scale. You’ll make better money and build your own customer base. That is better and worth more than any influencer. Oh and then you’ll be the influencer.


    How are you growing so quickly?


    How are you selling merch? I’d start a small, basic website with email capture and some merch products they can buy on the site (use shopify, etc.). Mention the website/link in bio at the end of most of your videos, try to drive more consistent traffic, send an email every week or two to keep the list warm, etc.


    You may want to consider an micro influencer agency if you don’t have the time to contact brands 😊
    Just be careful, with who you sign with.


    I just launched an app that helps micro-influencers make money on Instagram! You are allowed to set your own price, and guaranteed payment upon job completion.


    Sign up for a site like Mavrck or something similar. It’s a marketplace where brands can find you and send you product or pay you to post.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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