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    Instagram is a momentum based platform and this means your content won’t begin to go viral or reach a lot of people unless you have a few thousand followers who will help your content go viral by engaging with the content you researched or created.

    Getting this momentum for engagement means you’ll have to grow a few thousand active followers and this can be quite difficult, growing your first 1k — 5k real and active followers is the first step to “mastering Instagram” as these 1k — 5k followers will help push your content to a wider audience by liking, commenting, saving, and sharing.

    There are many strategies that can be used to grow your first few thousand followers, and some of the most common ones include:

    🔊 Buying Shoutouts

    🔊 Follow/Unfollow

    🔊 Gary Vee’s 0.99 Strategy

    Well, buying shoutouts is a common and fast way to get your first 1,000 or more followers but this strategy comes with two major cons which include:

    — Fake followers

    Some influencer’s may send you fake followers to make themselves look good, or you may get real followers who’ll drop off.

    — Price

    Buying shoutouts to grow your Instagram Account can be quite expensive as shoutouts cost a minimum of $30 on “big accounts”.

    Tip To Get A Lot Of Real Followers From Shoutouts

    Going private before you buy the shoutout increases the number of followers you get as people who come to your profile from the shoutout will be curious to follow you and see your posts, going private also reduces the chance of you getting fake followers as most “Social Proof” selling platforms can’t deliver followers to private accounts.

    Follow and Unfollow is not the quickest way to grow your first thousand followers, it may take 6 weeks or more to grow a thousand with this strategy.

    There are also a few “myths” surrounding this strategy, some people believe it’s unethical, and followers gained from this strategy won’t be active.

    Garyvee’s 0.99 strategy is all about engaging on the posts of others in the hopes they’ll follow you, this strategy can be said to be as good as dead, it’s one of the most time-consuming and slowest ways to grow on Instagram, and it’s also just a less aggressive version of the “controversial” follow and unfollow strategy.

    In all my years doing Instagram Marketing I’ve never seen an account grow to 5k a year using this strategy, so is it worth it? Is it dead? Is it over hyped? These are topics for another day.

    What Are Instagram Story Ads?

    Instagram Story ads are ads displayed in the stories of your target audience, these ads have a swipe up to see more, learn more, or watch more Call To Actions (CTAs).

    Video or animated story ads perform better than still images, and also remember to have a great hook in your ads because you’ve got less than 10 seconds to grab the attention of your target audience and get them to click to your profile.

    These ads are also very cheap if done properly.

    Advantages & Disadvantages Of Growing With IG Story Ads

    PRO: Cheap

    Instagram story ads are usually very cheap and you can get link clicks (profile visits) for as low as $0.01

    PRO: Grow real and active followers

    You can be certain the followers you get from this strategy are real and active as they’re people scrolling through stories

    CON: Followers Will engage with posts but may not buy (depends on targeting)

    What Should A Good Story Ad Have?

    A poorly designed story ad creative (photo or video) will cost you a lot as it’ll have a poor click through rate, so creating a good Story Ad creative to grow followers on Instagram should be a priority, and a good ad creative should have:

    — Hook

    Story ads give you a short time to capture people’s attention and make them click to your profile so having a great hook is necessary.

    — Music

    Music enhances the experience your story ad provides, remember we want an attention grabbing ad not a boring one.

    — Arrows

    This is a must-have element, arrows pointing in the swipe up direction will increase the number of clicks (profile visits) your ad gets.

    — Video/Animated Image

    Running ads with still images is “okay” but “okay” isn’t good enough and won’t get you the results you desire, video ads and animated images will get you higher click through rates.

    How To Run $0.01 Story Ads

    This strategy is all about getting cheap link clicks with Story ads and converting those link clicks (people who click to your profile) to followers, here’s how to run story ads that get cheap link clicks:

    STEP 1: Login to your Facebook business manager and click on ads manager

    STEP 2: Click on “create +”

    STEP 3: Click on the traffic objective

    STEP 4: Input your daily budget with a few extra cents (example: $3.13), we’re adding a few cents because this is a simple Facebook ads trick that makes the Facebook algorithm serve your ad before your competitors as you’ve outbidden them by a few cents.

    STEP 5: Click continue and choose worldwide as your location or click worldwide and remove bottom tier countries, but the more countries you add the cheaper the ad get.

    STEP 6: Select age, input broad interests, and check the “expand interests” box, make sure the potential reach bar has a figure over 100million (the more the better).

    STEP 7: Click on edit placement and choose only IG stories

    STEP 8: Add your ad video, input your IG profile link, and publish your ad.

    Who Can Use This Growth Tactic?

    Everyone can use this strategy to grow thousands of Instagram followers daily for a small price as long as your account is one that’ll benefit from followers who come from different countries, a local business can’t use this, an ecommerce business can, an entrepreneur/personal account (models, personal trainers), and viral pages can.

    Is this a strategy you’ll use? Would love to know what you think.


    I‘be tried all the strategies you’ve explained (except this last one, that I’ll try absolutely ASAP!)

    1) Shoutout are worthless, I’ve never paid for but I’ve “obtained” a few from pretty big pages. Long story short, I gained 10 followers AT MOST.

    2) Follow/Unfollow is time consuming, and in the long run useless.

    3) 0.99 is actually the best out of these three, but really time consuming. It’s pro was that I’ve absolutely met some friends this way ahahha

    Now I have a question: how much should I pay *daily* to gain, let’s say, 300-500 follower in a week? I’m a broke student, so I cannot invest enough to reach 1k followers/day ahaha


    Is choosing the Traffic objective better for Instagram Story ads than using the Brand Awareness objective?

    I’ve been running a Brand Awareness campaign for one of the brands I work for and our estimated ad recall lift and link clicks is very high. We’ve even gotten a few conversions through this objective type.

    However, our BA campaigns have linked directly to our website rather than our social media accounts. This has allowed us to then retarget the users who have visited our website in the past 30 days and move them lower and lower into the funnel. Our Conversion campaigns have played nicely into this and have gotten us a ROAS over 16x.

    Despite these results and conversions, our Instagram following has barely budged. We’ve mainly been going along with a more organic approach, but in the past 6 months have only garnered about 5k new followers this year.

    So I’m wondering if doing a Traffic based campaign would be the missing piece of our digital marketing puzzle.


    I have 50k botnet, if you want to increase your Followers


    What’s your recommendation for a local business?


    Very helpful stuff, I will definitely try it!


    Is there any specific method for growing a vacation rental home account? I mean, I rent a house on Airbnb, I create an Instagram account for this house where I share content about the house, the neighborhood where it’s located , the city, etc. Any tips for finding an audience for this type of business? Thanks!


    What kind of caption are your writing for the CTA? Follow me??


    Another great and straightforward post. I like reading these because I always learn some new tidbit. It also reaffirms some things I do for my clients. Thanks for sharing!


    Influencer marketing is also a proven effective growth strategy. Some people think it’s expensive, but if you know where to look, it actually isn’t, especially if you consider working with micro-influencers.


    Any tips for someone who can’t get comfortable in a niche? I have been trying to grow my new account as an influencer, but am becoming rather disenchanted with the idea of pushing products that aren’t well made in labour factories and pushing discount codes. Something seems so inauthentic about this practise. I used to have an acc with 14k when I was modeling, but those were the days when followbots actually worked for us and my account never recovered even a year after being shadowbanned. Plus I took at least 2 years off for personal reasons. I’ll be honest. I miss my platform, I miss having my voice heard. I miss my connection with my followers. I enforced my success at exposure with bots, but my followers just liked me, and I liked them. I miss it. But I’m kind of at a loss on what to do now to get back to where I was because the game has changed so much.


    What is the ad supposed to be about? The content on the IG page? What is the CTA? How do you actually get the profile link clicks to convert after they view the profile?

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