How Much Should I Charge for GMB Posting?

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    Im working with agencies and providing local SEO services. Actually Im managing 150+ clients for some of my agency clients.

    They are using my packages, and individual items like many of them using our full monthly GMB optimization package, some of them just using our on-page seo, some of them just using citations etc.

    So I’m just wondering if I offer GMB posting service as an individual item,, whats should be the perfect pricing?

    My clients are agency owners so, they just white labeling.

    Please give me advice, like how much should I charge for 10 posts per month or 30 post per month? Say all the posts 100-150 words each.


    Whatever you want!


    What are you charging now?

    If it’s hard to keep up with the work you’re getting from them you should definitely raise your prices.

    By asking this question it sounds like you’re hoping you can get away with charging more and there’s no way anyone can really tell except you by asking your clients for more.

    To answer your question.. you should charge as much as you can get


    Are you sure you won’t be sourcing illustrations or making infographics? Please consider this in your calculation.


    Figure out how long it takes you and apply your hourly rate would be my suggestion.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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