How many social media accounts does a small/medium/big agency run?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media How many social media accounts does a small/medium/big agency run?

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    I’ve just joined a company that is looking to sort out their social media engagement strategy, they don’t have anyone on it full-time and they have over 30 accounts, which is, in my opinion absolutely wild, they have leads who look after each account but it’s just a sideline. I want to compare in my report that there are agencies specialising in social that only run that many accounts.


    The short answer to your “question” is yes. Some agencies only manage 30 social media profile accounts.

    The long answer:

    Some people use some of the terms you used in your statement in different ways. I find it’s best to be very specific with your terms so your audience doesn’t get confused. Or maybe it’s just me.

    * Agency (like Ogilvy)
    * Client/Company Account (like Best Buy)
    * Brands (#)
    * Products (#)
    * Social Media Profile (publisher account)
    * Facebook
    * YouTube
    * Twitter
    * Pinterest
    * etc.
    * Shopping Campaign expectations?
    * Analytics, Reporting expectations?

    It sounds like you joined a medium-size Company that manages their social media profile accounts internally; they don’t outsource to an agency. Thirty profile accounts sound a little high to me for a single company (with no CMO, who should be overseeing everything).

    Anyways, in my opinion, it isn’t the number of social media profile accounts that matters, so much as the size of the Company. A small company/business with its own brand doesn’t compare to a large company, like Best Buy that only manages a hand full of social media profile accounts.

    So, the size of your current Company is what you want to consider for an apples to apples comparison with how many social media profile accounts are being managed by an Agency.

    A small agency may only manage one or two large clients, which might equate to less than ten social media profile accounts.

    Large agencies can “manage” over a hundred small clients and hundreds of social media profile pages.

    Overall, it’s best to shoot for quality over quantity. The amount of time devoted to analytics (integration) and reporting goes up significantly with each additional social media profile account…otherwise, you’re shooting in the dark.

    My two cents.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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