How many hours per month do you spend doing SEO on a single client?

Forum White Hat SEO How many hours per month do you spend doing SEO on a single client?

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    If it varies, what factors does it depend on?


    Varies by client for me and how much time I spend can be completely different than another individuals.

    Newer clients might get more attention in the starting months. Will involve more keyword research, competitive analysis, content strategy, content execution, outreach strategy and much more.

    Existing clients require less attention in my opinion. You have pretty much implemented everything you wanted to help them grow organically and you are just optimizing old content to make sure you keep ranking and keep focusing on outreach. New content ideas might also come up from time to time, but primarily update existing content.

    Just some basic reasons, but there are always different factors for new and existing clients and also what type of SEO service a client signed up for.

    Hope that helps.


    Generally anywhere from 10-30, but it can really ramp up if I’m working on something like an initial keyword/content strategy or helping with a website redesign/migration.


    It depends on the amount of content we’re creating and or optimizing, but generally we spend about 10 – 15 hours on average per client account.


    I think it’s depend upon your client, If you have new client and new website then you need to spend 20-30 hours and existing client and existing website wants 10-20 hours on average . Also, it’s depend upon SEO services, SEO Packages as well as what types of SEO activities which you are doing.


    if the On-Page is well and mobile-friendly and all core web vitals are at high rates then 15 hours are enough for single client SEO


    How fast can you SEO? I can do in an hour what it takes some people 3 to do, because of experience. It’s like the old story…a factory breaks down and no one can fix the machine, 5 guys spent 20 hours trying and nothing. So they call an expert, he looks at the machine for 10 minutes, whacks a single bolt with his hammer and presents the owner with a bill for $10,000. “But you were only here 10 minutes” the owner complains. So the expert breaks the bill down, $20 for ten minutes work, $9,980 for the 20 years that gave me the experience to know which bolt to hit with which hammer and how hard.

    So how many hours do you need to spend, as many as is needed to get the job done.

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