How does Facebook Pixel track the effectiveness of multiple ads at one time?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media How does Facebook Pixel track the effectiveness of multiple ads at one time?

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    From what I understand, there is only 1 Pixel per Facebook ad account. If this is the case, then how does it track the effectiveness of the individual ads in campaigns if I am running multiple ads?


    1. Why would an individual person see more than one of your ads. That’d be a pretty fundamental failure of Facebook
    2. There’s a thousand ways they could be doing it. And they don’t disclose any of it.


    Pixel is just used to track people and you set the objective at the ad level.

    If you set the ad objective to be websites visits, the pixel will fire when someone views your web page. If you set the objective for conversions the pixel will fire when someone converts.

    As a side note: You’re supposed to do many ads at once for testing purposes so I don’t know why anyone would say someone should never see more than one ad.


    The pixel tracks the users that visit your site.

    The system still knows which ads and audiences drove each user action/event.

    Each ad and ad group has its own ID and works in tandem with the pixel in ads reporting. This is different than pixel data which doesn’t break it down by ad or ad group.


    The pixel does not track by itself. Think of it like a Trojan horse. It opens up a session that handles the tracking payload.

    When the pixel is called, a browser session is established. Even though the page is served by a different server, the pixel served by FB allows FB to log the session. FB or any adserver that serves pixels already knows which ad was served to that user. It picks up session and device info such as page where the pixel is called, the website details, other pages viewed in session if the pixel was served to the same user elsewhere, URLs served, ads seen, device type, retargeting profile (if third party cookie is enabled on the user’s browser), etc. This info is mapped to the respective business account for attribution. One pixel should be enough to track multiple ads for a campaign, or even for multiple campaigns for a business.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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