How do you prep your campaigns for a sale/promo?

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    Hey I’m fairly new to PPC and I’ve never managed an account pushing a sale/promotion. The brand I work for is wanting to do a flash sale at the end of september (24 hours only). I was wondering how would you incorporate a sales ad into your adsets/campaigns to maximise sale day? And how do you push spend on one day? Any tips or help would be appreciated 🙂


    It’s usually not worth doing it just for a day. You won’t have enough time to optimize and push spend. We only use ads when a client is having a 3 day sales… sometimes we will do it for a 2 day sales but 3 days are better.


    I advice most clients not to even run ads for sales unless it’s part of normal business practice. If they do run sales, it’s 80%-100% through owned media channels. Then, if inventory isn’t liquidating as projected, use paid media channels.

    If you must run a 24hr sales, use a strategic approach similar to this:

    * before the sale, pre-sell the thing through a owned media.
    * push the inventory through owned media on day of. Try to reach your goal here. If inventory still remains, nor not reach target goals…
    * Use a reach/awareness vs. conversion ads to liquidate the remaining inventory (there may be opportunities to try different conversion objectives depending on the quality of your data.)

    If you’re selling b/c you need an influx of cash, be careful closely monitor total spend/rev on purchases the following week or two. Depending on your type of offer (like discounts), it may affect the downstream LTV of the customer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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