How do you compete with cheap foreign SMMs/VAs?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media How do you compete with cheap foreign SMMs/VAs?

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    I find that when I’m giving clients my pitch, they’re often shocked that I charge a reasonable rate (between $20-$35 depending on their requests) compared to the foreign VAs/SMMs they’ve come across in their research. When you have people charging less than $10 an hour for social media management, it makes everyone else look crazy expensive. I try to explain that those VAs/SMMs are inexpensive but not a great fit for many US businesses because they’re operating in totally different time zones, may lack important cultural understanding and/or native English fluency.

    I feel like my clients aren’t really understanding since they still think my rate is high (even though I did ample research and it’s it’s right on par with other American SMMs.) I’m also really worried they think I’m racist (even though it has nothing to do with race- I’d say the same about a VA from Germany, Russia or France with non-native English fluency. I’m totally fluent in a foreign language and STILL wouldn’t offer services in that language because certain important nuances are just lost until you get to an almost native level.)

    How do I explain to prospective clients that you get what you pay for without sounding racist? It’s hard to justify charging $25 an hour when there are literally VAs/SMMs charging only $2 an hour. I don’t know the quality of work for that little, but I can’t imagine it’s high. Or perhaps it is high quality and it’s just that the cost of living is just so low where they live (generally what my prospective clients seem to think) I have no experience with foreign vs USA SMMs/VAs and I have no idea how to justify my price when specifically asked to compare myself to foreign SMMs/VA.


    Cheap clients are always cheap. You just need to find the right clients who can see your value. It helps if you have proof of your capabilities. Like some of your own accounts with growing followers.

    You can explain things as you have here. Understanding culture is what is important in social media. If they don’t get it move on.


    A lot of business look for VA’s overseas as their rate is a bit less due to the difference in the “standards of living”. However, I’ve also seen foreign VA’s that charge the same rate as in the US.

    To justify your rate, you really need to build a solid portfolio. Something that shows results. If there are cheap clients, there are also clients who are looking for that refined VA. where price doesn’t matter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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