How do you approach keyword research?

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    How do you approach keyword research?


    Google it for more research and help .

    Take any Seo tool ahrefs or Semrush ( free you can use Keyword planner however the data is more aligned for PPC then Seo ,Try ubersuggest or any other free resource you can get on the internet )

    Now don’t limit to any number on the excel sheet .

    Try to group them similar ones in one group

    Basically I try it out for 3 variations

    Primary keywords
    Secondary keywords
    Long tail keywords

    Now play with filters here

    Check the volume,impressions , CTR

    Figure out the low hanging fruit here with these filters.

    Or u get all this data with any SEO paid tool with competitor data as well .That saves a lot of time and exhaustion on this activity.

    This is the basic research that one needs to do.

    Now there are various steps further more for optimization and CRO.

    I would request others alao to share their process or startegies on Keyword researching

    Thanks in advance


    Very specifically define your ideal prospect, their problems that you solve for them, and the questions they ask. Audit your competitors’ keyword rankings.

    Use keyword research tools to identify the search opportunities.


    Go to sem rush and see what competitors are targeting


    grab all the auto completes.

    make a bunch of permutations from them.

    prune the dumb ones.

    get data on everything.

    sort and group realistically.


    Brainstorming, then going from there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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