How can I tell if a client called me saw me organically or through paid ads?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC How can I tell if a client called me saw me organically or through paid ads?

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    I’m doing google Ads for my business and I have location extension and call extension through my Google Ads.
    I changed the phone number on my Google ad to a different phone number so I can track which call came from where (organic or paid).

    I thought it works but after a couple of days where I have calls coming in and my Google Ads shows click’s the conversion tracker show’s only one call, I got like 20 calls.
    The calls I’m getting are for the main business phone number.

    There has to be a solution but I’m pretty new to online advertising so my only idea didn’t worked lol


    Are the calls coming directly from your website, not the ad? Phone numbers on a website that offer click to call should also be setup to trigger the conversion tag.


    I thought they’d be calling directly from the ad extension
    But I guess people click the ad and go to the website
    Or if it shows up as an ad on the Google maps section they just call directly from that.

    But if they call directly from the listing ad would google count that as a conversion?


    I’m a fan of callrail. (no affiliation)


    Forget about conversion tags. Go to your columns modifier and add phone calls as a metric. I think it’s in performance section. Simple.


    There are two types of conversions to set up in Google ads: Calls from ads and Calls from website. Make sure you set them both up and all phone numbers are clickable so there aren’t any lead leaks for your ads.
    To count organic calls, you’ll need to use a third party call tracking system (which can also track calls from paid ads)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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