How can I do SEO for a website that doesn’t have a lot of content and wouldn’t update regularly?

Forum White Hat SEO How can I do SEO for a website that doesn’t have a lot of content and wouldn’t update regularly?

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    My website is created in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It’s a web app with a home page and 5 different pages for 5 different web apps related to each other. Total of 6 pages. The home page has some content related to information about web apps and web app pages have instructions on how to use them.

    I’m completely new to SEO and hired someone to do the on-page SEO for me. Continuing with him was out of my budget so I am deciding to do the off-page SEO myself.

    Most tutorials I see are based on a WordPress website where content is updated regularly, like a blog. But my website will not be updated regularly. I wrote everything that’s important. How can I do SEO for that?


    You don’t change SEO to fit your website, you change your website to fit SEO. With that being said, you can still add a blog to your website, as a way to generate more content. I can assure you, there are endless topics to blog about.


    Just write the best you can. Its kinda like saying how do I take care of my car paint and I won’t be washing it ever again.

    Get your load time as low as possible. Setup some internal links and add as much good content as you can. It seems like you want to put about 5 hrs into the site and be done , which generally isn’t how SEO works as there is pretty much always something that can be done.

    So for your situation i would do as much work as you are going to do and then that’s it.


    Pray that you somehow with that little ammount of effort stumbled onto the most astute and salient explanation of your topic that ever existed with a minimalist design aesthetic that the world loves.

    So basically – you don’t


    Make sure your JS content is being rendered server side. There is plenty of research you can do on SEO for Single Page Apps and PWAs . If you built the web apps yourself, then you might have some fun reading up on Google’s and other external documentation on PWAs, SPAs, and prerendering (unless you’re using React which offers server side rendering natively and some useful SEO components).

    If your goal is to have more visibility for peripheral topics, I’d agree that you should consider building out a blog/content section. Maybe consider hosting WP on a subdomain.

    Congrats on launching the web app. Best of luck 👍🏼.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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