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    I have a campaign that’s performing on a specific audience on GDN so I decided to expand it out to discovery and hopefully get more scale from high quality google owned placements. The issue I’m having is I’m getting $40-$50 CPMs. It’s a fairly large audience and for whatever reason my maximize conversions discovery campaign has either barely spent the budget, or blown 3x the budget super quickly. It’s alternated between these over the past few days spending 3x, barely spending yesterday, then spending 3x again today with most of the traffic coming in within a single hour.

    I’ve ran discovery in the past and seen CPMs in the $2-$10 where even at the high end of that range I’d be profitable and looking to scale. Is it normal to see CPMs this high on discovery now?


    Yes, I see total hit or miss with Discovery account by account. It’s particularly flooded with e-commerce retailers right now for the holidays so I’d recommend doing any testing in January instead.


    Really? How much are you spending?

    $50 tells me it’s a really small audience and or you’ve got too many targeting layers on there.

    I get $1-2 prospecting and $2-4 retargeting on open network programmatic all day long. I don’t even hit $8-10 if it’s national unless I’m buying a bunch of third party data.

    But that’s through an enterprise DSP which allows us to buy very well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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